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President’s Message


Japan is a country of vast beauty in terms of its nature and scenery during all four seasons, in which highly sensitive people live their lives every day and individual local culture is nurtured. As construction consultants, our social mission is to earnestly deal with the issues of passing on this beautiful and attractive land to the next generation and protecting the property and lives of the people from the threat of natural disasters.


After Nippon Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. began operations in January 1963, we have consistently focused on the planning and design of structures that include bridges and also actively engaged in various social infrastructure such as roads, cities, rivers and harbors both domestically and overseas. We reached a milestone in 2013 with our 50 year anniversary and are proud of our work in continuing to support social infrastructure due to our strength as a company with a high level consulting capability as a partner to our customers.


We contribute towards the “construction and conservation of this beautiful and attractive national land” and the “creation of our safe and comfortable living environments” as a construction consultant. This is our corporate philosophy. To achieve this philosophy we will continue to expand our core business and challenge new areas, sustain our growth and also aim to be a “group that provides the most reliable infrastructure service in Japan”.


From now, we will aim to grow the entire company along with improving the technical ability of each employee and continue to fulfill our social mission while also perform fair and proper corporate activities. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in this company for their support and encouragement.


Nobuhiro Arai 
President & COO