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Aesthetic Design


Aesthetic Designs that Bring Smiles to the People’s Faces

Designs that produce feelings of warmth and security and that can be enjoyed by the people long into the future…
Designs that pursue lasting ease-of-use to allow comfortable usage by everyone…
Designs that honor the past while delineating the designer’s intent…

Our goal in aesthetic design is to explore how new bridges, highways and other structures should look so that they can harmonize with the surrounding environment. The resulting landscape is seen daily by the people and forms an integral part of their daily lives. We believe the best aesthetic designs are those that blend into the lives of the people naturally and lastingly.
The quality of social capital is being increasingly questioned today. To have people understand the importance of public projects, we at Nippon Engineering Consultants will endeavor to adhere to our basic stance of providing aesthetic designs that can be enjoyed by the people.



Landscape & Aesthetic Design of Infrastructures

(Bridges, Tunnels, etc)


Tomata Bridge
Musasi-Urawa Station Square National Highway 381,
Ohshoji Pedestrian Bridge

Ohizumi-Gakuen Station
Pedestrian Deck

Fureai Bridge
Civil Engineering Design Prize

Kawasaki Station Pedestrian

Minami-Honmoku Bridge
Civil Engineering Design Prize

Kishamichi Promenade
Civil Engineering Design Grand
Prize 2001,JSCE