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Disaster Prevention Works


Coexisting with Nature and Challenging Nature

Nature has the power to nurture life. At the same time, mankind has been buffeted by the ravaging forces of nature.
Our goal is to create safe living environments that protect lives and properties from natural disasters. Our goal is to conserve the natural environment and its many blessings and to seek ways for man to coexist with nature. We are focused on creating living spaces that provide security and peace of mind.


Investigation / Analysis / Planning / Design on Disaster Prevention for

1) River, Sediment and Slope

2) Earthquake, and Coastal・Marine Disaster


Jusangawa Branch Reaches
Channel Works
Nabarigawa environmental
improvement project
Hayatogawa Sluice Gate
Debris flow Slope failure The collapse of
Otomo No.3 Sabo Dam Slope failure prevention works Earthquake-resistant design