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Future Focus


The people of Japan have always lived surrounded by abundant nature and beautiful scenery, and individual regions have each developed their own unique cultures.
To preserve the country’s beautiful land for future generations and to protect the people’s lives and properties from the threat of natural disasters. These are also basic issues that we at Nippon Engineering Consultants Co.,Ltd. is committed to addressing.
We hope to respond to the expectations of society as we further strengthen our involvement in the fields of environmental/aesthetic design and disaster prevention.

Amidst concerns about the decline of Japan’s social strengths due to the rapid increase of senior citizens coupled with low birth rates, regional redevelopment and expansion are highly important issues that must be addressed if Japan is to recover its vitality in the years to come.
Our future mission as construction consultants will be to provide maximum support to towns and cities in their efforts to improve and revitalize their communities.

Demands for more advanced and diversified services are expected to increase in project planning, pre- and post-project evaluation, infrastructure consulting, various advisory services related to project implementation, utilization of advanced information technologies and other areas essential to regional growth.
We at Nippon Engineering Consultants will take advantage of its comprehensive engineering capabilities to further concentrate its efforts in these fields.



Department Menu

Survey and Investigation
Synergetic Helicopter-borne Geophysical System / Topographic Survey / Plotting by Oblique Photograph / Geological Survey / Geotechnical Analysis

Environmental Studies and Analysis / Consensus Building / Environmental Planning and Design

Aesthetic Design
Landscape & Aesthetic Design of Infrastructures (Bridges, Tunnels, etc)

Highways & Urban Planning
Urban & Regional Planning / Planning for Parks and Open Spaces / Survey, Planning, Design for Roads and Highways / Traffic Survey and Planning / Highway Network Planning / Survey, Planning and Design for Sewerage Facility

Survey, Planning, and Design for Bridges, Underground Structures, Tunnels / Construction Management

Asset Management
Inspection of Structures / Diagnosis of Structures / Deterioration Forecast / Monitoring of Structures / Repair, Reinforcement Planning and Design of Structures / Asset Management on Structures and other Facilities / Forecast of Vibration and Countermeasure on Structures / Development of Monitoring Equipment and System

Disaster Prevention Works
Investigation / Analysis / Planning / Design on Disaster Prevention for
1) River, Sediment and Slope
2) Earthquake and Coastal・Marine Disaster

IT business and IT support and Establishment of various IT Systems

Overseas Projects
Overseas Consulting Services