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Highways & UrbanPlanning


Vitality, Comfort and Peace

Our focus is on the development of vital communities and the creation of comfortable and peaceful living environments.

Learn from the past and think about the future. Looked at from the overall flow of time, it is the responsibility of humanity today to renew the vitality of communities.
We at Nippon Engineering Consultants will work toward realizing this goal together with the local residents. All our expertise in regional, transportation and environmental planning and engineering will be brought to play in order to ensure the well-balanced development of regions and communities.


Urban & Regional Planning / Planning for Parks and Open Spaces /

Survey, Planning, Design for Roads and Highways /

Traffic Survey and Planning / Highway Network Planning /

Survey, Planning and Design for Sewerage Facility


Tarumi Junction Tagajo Centre Rain Water
Pump House
Kawaguchi Junction Fukusinosato Park Koshigaya General Park
Jionji Water Park Maebashi Station Square and
Surroundings Redevelopment

Community Zone