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Overseas Projects


Global Contributions based on a Global Perspective

Using our construction consulting expertise to make contributions toward the realization of world peace and prosperity

The world faces numerous issues today that require collaboration across borders, such as environmental destruction, regional conflicts and North-South problems.
As a group of experts engaged in construction consultancy, our goal is to provide high quality engineering services for the conservation of the global environment, improvement of social infrastructures and ensuring readiness against natural disasters.


Overseas Consulting Services

Planning and design / Rehabilitation and Retrofitting Design / Seismic Analysis / Construction Support Service


Nanjing No.3 Yangtze River Bridge
Bongabon-Baler Road Improvement
Project (Philippines)


Nhat Tan Bridge (Vietnam) Nhat Tan Bridge(Vietnam)
Wind Tunnel Testing of Shetz Bridge (Taiwan) Presentation of Chittagong city Ring Road
Project (Bangladesh)




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