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Patent acquisition technology

SIVE(Self-propelled Impact Vibration Equipment) joint acquisition  Patent No.6628147  Registered December 13, 2019
Bridge having the related materials against fairing joint acquisition  Patent No.6628587  Registered December 13, 2019
Decreasing the effects on a bridge caused by wave force more than 20% at least can be expected by the introduced fairing mentioned below.By this fairing the long durability is expected to become available. Meanwhile, under normal wave and no flood conditions, this fairing becomes the structure enabling the bridge inspection. Only when wave force militates, this structure rotates to obtain the effectiveness by this fairing.
Ready-made column and footing joint acquisition  Patent No.6496464  Registered March 15, 2019
Method for installation of cable-stayed bridge Patent No.6434885  Registered November 16, 2018
The design and construction method for connecting structure of steel column and steel pile capjoint acquisition Patent No.6266246  Registered January 1, 2018
Ground 3D display systemjoint acquisition Patent No.5636227  Registered October 24, 2014
Analysis method of ground using aerial electromagnetic survey methodPatent No.5243476  Registered April 12, 2013
Cooperative acquisition method for estimating noise reduction effect quantityjoint acquisition Patent No.5390447  Registered October 18, 2013
Collaborative acquisition of disaster occurrence probability evaluation system and its programjoint acquisition Patent No.4701371  Registered March 18, 2011
The present invention relates to a disaster occurrence probability evaluation system and a program thereof for performing a probability evaluation on occurrence of a natural disaster.
Joint acquisition of a method for seismic retrofitting of bridges and a telescopic device used for this methodjoint acquisition Patent No.4477556  Registered March 19, 2010
The present invention relates to a seismic retrofit method for a bridge, and relates to a method for improving earthquake resistance and a method and apparatus for realizing this.
Joint acquisition of bridge abutment rebuilding methodjoint acquisition Patent No.4369506  Registered September 4, 2009
In rebuilding an existing bridge abutment, this technology realizes shortening of the construction period and cost reduction, and ensures a high level of safety during construction.
Joint acquisition of pile foundation body and method of construction.joint acquisition Patent No.3997543  Registered August 17, 2007
This technology aims at providing a foundation pile body and a method of constructing it which has sufficient flexural strength as a foundation workpiece such as a bridge abutment and can be constructed at low cost.
Joint acquisition of composite structure with variable cross section using a PC welljoint acquisition Patent No.3796605  Registered April 28, 2006
This technology is aimed at providing a joint structure with a cross-sectional structure with a combination of a cast-in-place pile and a PC well in a basic structure such as a bridge.
Related technology: Composite well construction method

Patent pending technology

Anti-tsunami bridge support device exceeding the settings joint acquisition Application No.2017-029584  Filed February 2017 February 21
Method for reinforcing concrete structures, concrete structures and flexible continuous fiber reinforcementjoint acquisition Application No.2016-256346  Filed December 28, 2016
Safety device for flying objects Application No.2016-242244  Filed December 14, 2016
Excitation device, vibration measurement system and vibration measurement method joint acquisition Application No.2016-112665  Filed June 6, 2016
Shock excitation device joint acquisition  Application No.2016-85552  Filed April 21, 2016

Registered trademark

Road AdviserRegistration 5133383 Registered May 2, 2008
MarukoRegistration 5749883 Registered March 13, 2015

NETIS registration technology

* The New Technology Information System (NETIS) is a database operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism which was developed to collect new technology information from the private sector and promote the use of useful new technology in business.