50th Anniversary Commemorative Event

Nippon Engineering Consultants celebrated its 50th anniversary on January 23, 2013. We would like to thank all of our business partners and employees who have created our history and supported us so far. To mark this occasion, we held the “50th Anniversary Commemorative Event” for one year up to the 50th anniversary of our foundation, to reflect on our history of 50 years and also think about our future.

Donation to East Japan Reconstruction Assistance

DSCN2951-300x225 Employees donated funds to help children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Money was donated to Save the Children Japan (www.savechildren.or.jp).

“Dainippon Newspaper” newspaper extra

In commemoration the 50th anniversary of our founding on January 23, 2013, we created the “Dainippon Newspaper” newspaper extra. The newspaper was distributed to various people to convey our gratitude on the occasion of our 50th anniversary.

PDF Click here to see the “’Dainippon Newspaper’ newspaper extra.”

50 Years History

We compiled our half-century of activities into a 50-year history. The concept is “An easy-to-understand 50-year history that is useful to employees,” and “A 50-year history to show to your family.” We organized the history of Nippon Engineering Consultants, which started from 10 design members in 1963 and became a company involved in various fields of civil engineering from the two perspectives of branch offices and business divisions. Also, we look to the future of Nippon Engineering Consultants with a section entitled “Toward the future.”


  • History of the company
  • History of the branches
  • History of the business divisions
  • Toward the future
  • Documents

PDF Click here to read the “History of the company” PDF.

Photo Contest

We ran a photo contest where contestants submitted photographs of civil engineering involving nature and people such as “people, green, dreams + civil engineering,” to appear in the 50-year history.

Grand Prize Toshihiko Watanabe Grand Prize Tsutomu Yoshizawa

Commemorative Paper

Selected for Grand Prize Teppei Matsui
We requested submission of papers on the theme of “Your future and dreams” from young and mid-career employees. Many enthusiastic papers related to each employee’s dreams were submitted, and one Grand Prize and three Outstanding Prizes were selected. For the 50-year history, we also compiled the paper “Toward the future.” Here, we introduce the paper selected for the Grand Prize.

PDFGrand Prize Paper “What is Civil Engineering and What is its Future?”

Sponsoring Regional Activities

Yahoo! Dome relay marathon 2012 photo Volunteers from the Kyushu branch participated in a marathon event and wore T-shirts with the 50th anniversary logo.

Commemorative Planting

We planted a wisteria in the courtyard of our Tokyo branch. From now on, beautiful flowers will bloom in Koshigaya every year in early May.

Commemorative Business Card

We handed out business cards with the 50th anniversary logo to all attendees of the “50th Anniversary Commemorative Event.” The anniversary logo was selected by employees from the following designs for use on business cards only in addition to the “basic logo” used for the website and pamphlets. The designs are representations of our employees’ gratitude, and we would be pleased if they convey our feelings.

1. Image of “continuation” / “road”

This design conveys the image of a “road” with the meaning of the long 50-year history and the continuation into the future. We use this design as a basic logo for handouts such as the website and pamphlets.

2. Image of “symbol” / “bridge”

This image was designed as the face of Nippon Engineering Consultants by modeling “Shin-Toyo Bridge” which was awarded the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Tanaka Award, Design Award, and a Good Design Award in the field of “Bridges” which is our company’s field of specialty.

3. Image of “connection” / “line of fate”

This design represents the intertwining line of thread that links people, expressing hope, passion and the sun. The design has the meaning “Let’s join hands and connect hope from the past to the future.”