Promotion of working-style reform hatarakikata


The circumstances surrounding employees have changed drastically, and society demands the choice of various working-styles such as extension of retirement and increased burden for nursing care in Japan’s low birthrate super-aged society, shared responsibility of housework and childcare in a society where women are active. In addition, companies are also required to shorten working hours, restrain overtime work, and create attractive work environments.

In order to make it possible for employees to work in a manner that matches their own lives, we are working to support diversity, and preparing systems where employees can choose their work location, working hours and position according to their situation.

Labor productivity per employee has improved, and we can expand the scale of our business and make profits while responding to various needs. We will continue to work on improving productivity in the future, but we would like to link this with the reduction of working hours.

Reduction of overtime hours leads to the stabilization of life rhythm and personal time. We believe that this will lead to an increase in employees who are both mentally and physically healthy, and we believe that it is our corporate mission to firmly achieve this.