Aesthetic Design

For us, thinking up designs is an intellectual production activity, where we select essential themes, apply logic to them, and end up with reasonable solutions. By utilizing designs that combine necessity with amenity, we are able to realize social infrastructure that is both beautiful and functional.

Landscape Studies
Once a civil engineering structure meant to support people’s lives is constructed, it becomes a local landmark and intertwined with everything in the area for anywhere from 50 to 100 years. In addition to pursuing ideal structures for particular areas, we offer up beautiful, charming landscapes in our designs.


Kitajukken River

As part of an effort to promote waterfront tourism, we provided detailed designs for everything integral to plans for the river, including the bridge, bridge-top facilities, color, and lighting.


Kishamichi Promenade

We provided a design that preserves the local, historical assets as much as possible, yet adds new value to it and allows visitors to catch a glimpse of vestiges of ancient times.


Kinuko-No-Yu Hot Spring

As part of a construction effort to revitalize this hot spring district, we provided designs for a promenade and foot bath that utilized the former site of a Japanese-style inn, as well as managed the construction.

Structure Design
We persistently pursue designs that are logical, allow for the beauty of a structure to last for many years, and add appropriate functionality to a particular place, while still being comfortable to use.


Irabu Ohashi Bridge

“Okinawa Prefecture’s longest outlying island connection bridge”
Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture
PC32-span continuous girders, etc.
Bridge Length: 3.54km/Longest Span Length: 120m


Cầu Nhật Tân Bridge

“An internationally rare consecutive cable-stayed bridge with five main columns”
Hanoi, Vietnam Steel cable-stayed bridge
Bridge Length: 1500m/Main Span Length: 300m


Hama-Mirai Walk

“Imagined after clear tubes reflecting on the water surface”
Nishi-ku, Yokohama City
Rigid-frame structure with two-span continuous steel slab box girders
Bridge Length: Approx. 101.5m/Effective Width: 10.4m


Shintoyo Bridge

“A smooth arch that utilizes beautiful quartic curves”
Adachi-ku, Tokyo Steel through arch bridge
Bridge Length: 105m/Arch Span Length: 74.4m


Tsukiji Ohashi Bridge

“The Sumida River’s first bridge, closest to the sea”
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Steel half-through balanced arch bridge
Bridge Length: 245m/Arch Span Length: 145m


Shinshimantogawa Bridge

“Simply beautiful design”
Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture
Rigid-frame bridge with continuous steel slabs and girders
Bridge Length: 697m


Shintenmon Bridge

“Japan’s largest arch bridge”
Kamiamakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Steel PC composite half-through arch bridge
Bridge Length: 465m/Arch Span Length:


Shirane Park Connecting Bridge

When it came time to submit a plan, we submitted one that included both park plans and a pedestrian bridge design. The bridge design is one that is based on barrier-free design, right down to every detail.


Fureai Bridge

We provided a design that included an adjacent round plaza. During the summer, children play in the center fountain of the plaza.


Hidaka Tunnel Portal

This was built to be the main route to the Nagano Olympics. We provided a tunnel portal design with gentle crest curves and intimate bordering.


Akane Tunnel

We provided a secure, easy to enter approach design that features a distinct solid structure that gives off a sense of unity with the terrain.


Oshoji Pedestrian Bridge

We provided a design that frankly expresses people’s movements along a complex intersection without being too eye-popping, while including ascending and descending access in every detail.


Kawasaki Muza Deck

We provided a design for the main bridge section where the space below the beams could act as a bus stop and hotel entrance, without lowering the value of the area.


Shiga Route

We utilized a scheme that takes the environment into consideration, as well as reduces the amount of luminance reflected off the concrete, for three long bridges that appear along the route.


Haneda Tunnel

We took the basic design for the tunnel portal created by the Yanagi Design Office, and implemented designs for the retaining wall of the depressed road, plantation, and tunnel interior.

Road and Plaza Design
“As clean water and air are necessary to human life, however, so are beautiful roads, as they provide people with serenity and happiness, which are vital to living a rich life.” (*1) We do not consider beauty to be an added value, but rather, something that strictly adds functionality and economic value to a structure, and something that should be a requirement for public facilities.
*1: “Road Design” Research Institute for Road and Street/Taisei-Shuppan Co., Ltd. P.5


Shiga Route

We implemented a carefully developed plan that alters the abundant natural environment as little as possible, and does not hinder existing landscapes.


National Route 381 Hage Sector Road Widening

We provided a road design focused on improving the safety and convenience of the area. Our plan utilized fieldstone retaining walls for the mountainside bridges, tunnel portals, etc.


Nichinan General Athletic Park

We took a comprehensive approach to the design that includes a feeling of openness, so that residents can use the park freely, a jogging course set around the outer circumference of the track, a reverse-direction course for when the wind is strong, and nighttime compatibility.


Kurashiki Fureai Park

We implemented a safe, pleasant, easy-to-use open-space design that attracts all kinds of people to its station-front location with its charm.