We develop bridges that are seen by many people and become local landmarks, with designs that are suitable for the site, structures that are easy to maintain and manage, and excellent lifecycle costs.

Long Span bridges
When designs of long span bridges, such as suspension bridges with span of 200m or more, advanced design technology is required. This is because that it should take various external influences such as wind, earthquakes, and temperature changes into consideration. We have accumulated numerous achievements in long span bridges both in Japan and overseas so far, and keep passing on our technology to the next generation.


Shin-Minato Bridge

Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture
Steel PC composite cable-stayed bridge / Bridge length 600m / Main span length360m


Meiko Nishi Bridge

Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Steel cable-stayed bridge
Bridge length 758m
Main span length 405m


Sakaegawa Bridge

Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Steel PC composite cable-stayed bridge / Bridge length 290m / main span length 190m


Nhật Tân Bridge

Hanoi, Vietnam
Steel cable-stayed bridge
Bridge length 1500m
main span length 300m


Kurushima Bridge

Imabari City
Ehime Prefecture to Oshima
Bridge length 4105m
Maximum span length 1030m


Tatara Bridge

Onomichi City – Imabari City
Ehime Prefecture
Bridge length 1480m
Span length 890m

Special bridges
Designs of special bridges, such as arch bridges, also require advanced design techniques. This is because such techniques demand to have the idea of particular bridge types which can be applied for special terrain. We have many achievements which have become regional symbol, and have won many awards such as the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Tanaka Prize design awards.


Tenjou Bridge

Kamiamakusa City
Kumamoto Prefecture
Steel PC composite semi-through arch bridge / Bridge length 465 m / Arch span length 348m


Tsukiji Bridge

Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Steel semi-through
balanced arch bridge
Bridge length 245m / Arch span length 145m


Shin-Toyo Bridge

Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Steel through arch bridge
Bridge length 105m
Arch span length 74.4m


Goshiki Zakura Bridge

Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Steel two-layer
Nielsen lohse bridge
Bridge length 141m


Haebaru Bridge

Nishihara Cho, Okinawa Prefecture
– Haebaru Cho
Bridge length 830m
Span 39m


Kesennumaoshima Bridge

Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture
Steel semi-through arch bridge
Bridge length 355m
Arch span length 297m


Irabu Bridge

Miyako-jima City
Okinawa Prefecture
PC 32 span continuous box girder, etc / Bridge length 3.54km / maximum span length 120m


Shogawa Bridge

Toyama PrefectureBridge
length 368m
Steel joint diameter φ1.0m
Steel through arch bridge

Other Bridges
As well as special bridge, other bridges being composed of girder structures is valuable asset in the region. We carefully design each bridges, and to be favored by people.


Kakamigahara Bridge

Kakamigahara City
Gifu Prefecture

10 span continuous girder bridge
Bridge length 594m / Span 60m


Toyama Bridge

Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
Steel 8 span continuous
box girder bridge
Bridge length 466m


Shin-Shimanto Bridge

Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture
Steel continuous steel floor box
girder rigid frame bridge
Bridge length 697m


Tomada Bridge

Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
PC 5 span continuous
rigid frame bridge
Bridge length 230m


Takidani Bridge

Kyoto-Jukan Expressway Tamba-Ayabe Road
PC 6 span continuous rigid frame box girder bridge / Bridge length 421m / Maximum span 84m


Takabari Junction

Nagoya City
Aichi Prefecture


Minatogawa Bridge

8 span continuous small-number
main girder bridge
Bridge length 374m

Pedestrian deck / Pedestrian bridge
Pedestrian decks or pedestrian bridges in front of station are firstly required to be designed in consideration of Universal Design. With this in mind, we also aim to create bridges which make users comfortable and bring peaceful life for everyone.


Oizumi-gakuen Pedestrian deck

Nerima-ku, Tokyo


Sayama Sky Terrace
Pedestrian deck

Sayama City
Saitama Prefecture


Musashi Urawa Station Pedestrian deck

Saitama City
Saitama Prefecture

Maintenance of Bridge
Many aspects can be seen in bridge maintenance, such as inspection, repair, reinforcement, diagnosis and advanced monitoring, etc. For these chances, we try to meet the demands from clients by utilizing our skilled techniques and advanced analysis methods.


Inspection and surveys

In order to respond to the rapid increase of aging bridges, we carefully conduct the inspection and survey of bridges


Monitoring and diagnosis

We perform soundness assessments to supplement visual inspections, such as damage which is hard to see like fatigue cracks and corrosion damage which is buried in concrete and cannot be seen.


Seismic analysis and design

We provide optimal and economical seismic construction methods based on our abundant experience in seismic diagnosis and measures