Nhật Tân Bridge | Vietnam – Japan Friendship Bridge


A new gateway to Hanoi City, the capital city of Vietnam

The Nhật Tân Bridge (Vietnam – Japan Friendship Bridge) was built with Japanese ODA as part of the Hanoi 2nd Ring Road, which connects center of Hanoi city to Noi Bai International Airport. The aim of the bridge is to improve logistical efficiency and ease traffic congestion in Hanoi City, the capital of Vietnam. We participated in this project in partnership with Chodai Co., Ltd., and carried out detailed design and construction supervision for the main bridge.

Nhật_Tân_ Overall_side_view

The Nhật Tân Bridge is the largest bridge in Southeast Asia, with a total extension (including installation bridge section) of 3,755 m. Considering the interannual variability of the Red River riverbed, which the main bridge spans, a double I-girder cable-stayed bridge with six continous  spans was selected, with a bridge length of 1,500 m (center span length 300 m).

The superstructure is a composite girder structure made of steel double I-girders and a precast RC deck, and the main cable adopts coated parallel line strands. The main tower was made of type A reinforced concrete, and a steel cable anchor box was installed at the top of the tower. In the foundation work, steel pipe sheet pile foundations, a technology developed in Japan, were adopted for the first time in Vietnam.

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Approximately eight years after the start of detailed design in February 2007, the completion ceremony held on January 4, 2015, and service was started. The Nhật Tân Bridge is also called the Vietnam – Japan Friendship Bridge, symbolizing the friendship between Japan and Vietnam, and is a new symbol of Hanoi City.

Opening of the Nhật Tân Bridge.

Crosslink position Hanoi 2nd Ring Road (Hanoi city center – Noi Bai International Airport) Red River Crossing
Principal 85th Project Management Office, Ministry of Transport of Vietnam
Bridge length Total bridge length: 3,755 m, Main bridge section: 1,500 m
Span length (main bridge section) 150m+4@300m+150m=1,500m
Total width (main bridge section) Total width 35.6 m, Effective width 30.4 m
Structural form Upper section: 6-span continuous composition double I-girder cable-stayed bridge
Main tower: Type A reinforced concrete
Lower section: Steel pipe sheet pile foundations