We will provide comprehensive technologies for energy management to realize a sustainable "low-carbon, recycling-oriented society" for conservation of the global environment.

Surveys and plannings
Regarding the energy management business which covers the introduction of renewable energy (energy creation) and energy conservation measures (energy efficiency), we provide comprehensive technology for the whole business cycle from planning and feasibility studies to facility / equipment design, evaluation and analysis, and review of management methods.


Feasibility studies and investigations

Surveys and analysis of the available amount of renewable energy and the energy demand. In addition, evaluation and analysis of the business scheme used and profitability


ESCO advisory services

Feasibility studies for energy-saving equipment through verification of cost effectiveness based on energy-saving assessments and feasibility studies for ESCO business. Creation of various materials for ESCO contractor selection


Survey on measures against climate change

Preparation of “Local public entity implementation plans (” administrative version” and “regional measures version”) based on the “Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures”


Others, plan formulation

Creating plans formulated by local public entities such as new energy visions, biomass utilization plans, and biomass concepts

Distributed energy
We make proposals tailored to local needs from the planning stage of projects concerning socially and economically sustainable community development such as regional creation support through the introduction of distributed energy infrastructure.


Distributed energy infrastructure

We implement proposals tailored to local needs regarding sustainable community development, including support for regional creation through the introduction of distributed energy infrastructure


Low carbon community development

We established the Gifu Nagaragawa Renewable Energy Council with Gifu Prefecture as the model district, and conducted investigations of high feasibility commercialization


Energy for enhanced disaster prevention

We introduced the “disaster prevention enhancement system” so that road stations can be utilized as “information dissemination centers for citizens” and “safe havens” in the event of a disaster

In the "low carbon society utilizing local resources," where efforts are expected in each region, communities can aim for employment creation and regional revitalization by using local renewable energy production. We plan and propose sustainable community development projects that are not only sustainable for the environment but also socially and economically.


Woody biomass

Implementation of feasibility studies and design work for woody biomass power generation utilizing woody biomass and introduction of equipment such as boilers


Food-based biomass

Preparation of utilization plans for domestic waste. Implementation of feasibility studies and design work, etc. for anaerobic digestion power generation


Sewage sludge-based biomass

Implementation of feasibility studies and design work, etc. for energy supply equipment using sludge digestion or heat at sewage treatment plants

Hydrogen can be produced in large quantities from various substances without releasing carbon dioxide when used as hydrogen energy. Currently, we are working on a clean hydrogen project to produce hydrogen through electrolysis using natural energy such as sunlight, wind power, and hydropower, etc.


Use of hydrogen

We build local-production for local-consumption type energy systems and aim to disseminate them to other areas in order to realize the coming hydrogen society.


Seiryu Power Energy

We established a joint venture company that comprehensively develops hydrogen infrastructure and renewable energy businesses, aiming at utilization of hydrogen