We are engaged with creating social infrastructure that can withstand flooding brought about by climate change or earthquakes, to better ensure the safety and security of people's life. We also carry out operations and management (O&M) and renewal of social capital and building rivers with a view toward better river ecology.

Surveying and Panning
We carry out surveying and planning to create designs that withstand floods and highwater. We are also engaged in non-structural measures to help improve citizen evacuation in times of disaster.
And we work on countermeasures for deterioration of river administration facilities built primarily during the period of post-war rapid economic growth, and on stock management.


River Improvement Plans

To reduce downstream damage from flooding, we set plans for river improvements and river channel maintenance.


Flood Prediction

We carry out simulations of, for example, flooding from reservoirs and levees breaking in major earthquakes to create maps of predicted flood zones.


Increasing Lifespan Plans

We formulate plans for longer lifespan after performing tests on facility health, such as visible crack examinations, carbonation tests, and concrete strength tests.

Facility Design
We implement river facility designs needed to withstand natural disasters like flooding, high water and tsunamis.


River Dike Design

We implement designs for river dikes using elements like steel pipe sheet-pile to improve river channel flood carrying capacity.


Levee Design

We implement designs for levees with tsunami countermeasures to prevent damage from tsunamis.


Facility Design

We implement designs for slopes to be used by amphibious buses that will go into future service.


Kitajukkengawa River

Natural River Building
With an eye toward the entirety of a river's natural activity, we create and preserve natural habitats and spawning grounds, as well as diverse scenery.


Takeharagawa River Fish Ladder

In the former Takeharagawa River, flowing through Gero City in Gifu, river stepping for erosion countermeasures (flood control facilities) had prevented fish from migrating, so we established a fish ladder.


Ichikigawa Fish Ladder

Aichi prefecture established a stone fish ladder to answer the hopes of those wanting to preserve the town’s symbolic river for future generations.


Azumagawa River Fish Ladder

The washing away of river bed stones had created a 1m drop, so we added 3 stone pile riverbed girdles to allow fish to climb upstream.