We provide planning, design, and measures, which take advantage of our comprehensive consulting services, such as bridges, tunnels, underground structures, environment, landscape and soil analysis , which is related to roads.

Road Project Plans / Road Network Plans
The required function and structure for roads is quite diverse; there are road types,such as highway, general road or street, and it also depends on regional condition like mountainous / urban areas. To satisfy these needs, we analyze necessities and effectiveness of road maintenance from a comprehensive point of view that includes such factors as people’s lives, the economy, and disaster prevention, and then offer plans that stimulate regional development.


Basic Surveys

To get a grasp on local circumstances and problems, we sort through a variety of things like population, economic trends, land utilization, road traffic conditions, traffic facility conditions, related development projects, and the present condition of OD traffic flow.


Problem Analyses

We analyze a number of problems, such as traffic congestion, the speed of traffic detours and the like, traffic accidents, disaster prevention issues, etc., from multiple angles, like daily life, commuting, industry, commerce, agriculture, and tourism.


Road Network Plans

We put together plans that cover route alignment positioning, connection points with existing roads, the number of car lanes, and the minimization of land alteration, and then do comparative reviews with alternative plans.


Road Development Plans

We provide basic action plans aimed at the smooth planning and development of road industrialization, taking into account things like road project development periods and phased operation commencement plans, construction procedures, and environmental and landscape considerations.

Road and Road Structure Plans / Designs
There are several phrases in the road design process: the preliminary design phase and the detail design phase. During the preliminary design phase, possible route options are compared and selected, then the alignment and structure are designed. And finally, during the detail design phase, drawing for construction and materiltiy calculations are conducted.
Along with road designs, we plan and design various road structures, such as interchanges, retaining walls, and excavation slopes.

Nagoshi Expressway

High-standard highway (car exclusive road) totaling about 117 km from Wajima-shi, Ishikawa prefecture to Tonami-shi, Toyama prefecture


Preliminary Road Designs

We provide optimal route and road structure designs, which take into consideration both the current land utilization and topography of the target area.


Road/Intersection Preliminary Engineering Designs

We take the rough route generated in the preliminary design, and based on a highly detailed topographic map, we provide concrete plans for the road alignment, intersection shapes, and road structures.


Detailed Road Designs

In our detailed road designs, we cover the detailed framework necessary to road construction, which includes drainage channels, guardrails and medians, retaining walls, pavement, lane markers, etc.


Detailed Interchange Designs

For our detailed interchange designs, we first compare options based on traffic volume, service levels, and topography, and then select the most suitable choice.


Detailed Intersection Designs

Depending on traffic volume, we carry out comparative reviews on multi-level types, and then provide designs for the traffic lane configuration, lane markers, and safety facilities such as traffic signs.


Preliminary/Detailed Auxiliary Road Structure Designs

To ensure stable road structures, we coordinate designs for retaining walls and excavations slopes with the main road designs.

Traffic Congestion Countermeasures / Traffic Accident Countermeasures
For traffic congestion countermeasures, we first analyze route conditions, traffic volume and time distribution, and traffic lane configuration, and then provide suitable countermeasures based on economic and developmental effects. For reducing the traffic accident, we analyze traffic accident data and road structure problems, and identify points which need measures, and then investigate traffic accident factors and consider the measures.


Multi-Level Crossing Plans

One way to drastically improve on intersection congestion is to implement multi-level crossings. We select designs based on economic and landscape factors, as well as environmental impact.


Road/Intersection Preliminary Engineering Designs

We review things such as ways to lengthen deficiently short right-turn lanes, and ways to expand right-turn lanes to resolve speed reduction problems due to intermingling with vehicles waiting to turn left, and then provide detailed designs.


Traffic Accident Countermeasures

We analyze traffic accident data and road structure problems for a particular route, pinpoint necessary points, and then provide traffic accident countermeasures.


Bicycle Space Development

We analyze past accident data, bicycle demand, and the feasibility of expanding the width of existing roads, draft up bicycle space network development policies, and then design bicycle lanes.