Technology Development

We are developing new technologies to develop and build social infrastructure for the future.

Inspection / surveys
We are aiming for more functional inspections and surveys through realizing "visualization." In addition, we are organizing the huge amount of information obtained from inspections and surveys, and developing services to optimize maintenance and management to support the extension of social infrastructure lifespans.



Bridge inspection system using drone


Determination of damage to road bridge deck using electromagnetic wave radar

(Under development)

Measurement / Monitoring
Visual inspections are used to judge and record the visual degree of damage, but some types of damage are hard to see such as fatigue cracks or corrosion damage which is buried in concrete and cannot be seen. Also, visual inspections only look at scratches on parts, and do not assess whether the parts are working effectively. For this reason, it is important to develop objective and quantitative soundness assessment methods to complement visual inspection.


Traffic vibration / fatigue damage prediction

Accurate fatigue damage prediction is possible by considering the structure of the bridge, irregularities on the road surface, and type and size of vehicles, etc.


Remote monitoring system

A very effective method of monitoring the state of a bridge, such as in the case where serious damage is found and time is required to take measures


Vehicle weight monitoring

In order to maintain a good management level of a bridge, we monitor vehicle active load as a load factor so that we can accurately understand the actual conditions.

Extending lifespan of the management system
Based on the repair plan, considering the importance and urgency as a network, we implement the most efficient and effective repairs of individual structures in addition to regular inspections, daily maintenance and management. By doing this, we can lengthen the service life and reduce expenses related to repair and new construction. Furthermore, by extending the lifespan, the safety and reliability of the road network are secured, with a reduction of impacts on road traffic due to construction work.


Support services for formulation of repair
plans for lifespan extension of road bridges



Road facility maintenance management systems

This system aims to support progress management of the maintenance cycle and achieve labor-savings in the operation and maintenance work of facility managers (under development)

Initiatives for SIP
We are participating in the project "Infrastructure Maintenance / Update / Management Technology" run by Kanazawa University under the SIP (Strategic Innovation Creation Program) of the Cabinet Office. Under this program we study degradation mechanisms of road bridge decks, develop assessment and repair technologies, and develop maintenance management systems. The outcomes of this project will be implemented socially and used for future maintenance and management.


SIP joint development

(Under development)