The smooth interaction of people and goods greatly influences local economies. We strive to create transportation networks that are both efficient and effective, are easy for everyone to use, and contribute to the stimulation of local economies.

Comprehensive Urban Transportation Systems
We carry out surveys, analyses and forecasts of movement of people, car and public transportation, and then make the draft comprehensive urban transportation system plans suitable for future regional development.

Person trip survey

In order to reflect the realities of the area in the plan, a survey focusing on the movement of people, such as who, where, where, where, for what purpose, which time zone, which traveling means were used.

Comprehensive city transportation plan

Toward the realization of urban images in the future, we propose comprehensive urban transportation methods such as walking, bicycles, public transportation, automobiles, etc., capturing urban problems and future challenges.

Traffic planning plan

Through workshops etc., share the goal of community planning with everyone in the region, plan a desirable transportation system and support measures development.

Mobility Management

Proposing ways to use cleverly, such as using public transportation, walking, bicycling, etc., for problems such as alleviating congestion, reducing environmental burden, and promoting health.

Vehicle transportation plan
Automobiles that support people's movement are convenient but cause problems such as traffic accidents and traffic congestion.
In order to realize a safe and smooth society, we plan future road network concept, solve traffic jam and accident problems, verify the necessity and effect of project etc.

Wide area road network plan

Proposal of wide-area road network plan that conforms to wide-area social exchanges of the whole country and the whole area, and future image of urban area and community development.

Congestion analysis, measures planning

In order to propose an optimal countermeasure, traffic flow simulation is used to analyze the congestion occurrence mechanism and verify the effect at the time of countermeasure implementation.

Business evaluation

Analyze the necessity and effectiveness of road improvement at each stage from before the start of business to after implementation to evaluate the relevance, continuity and effectiveness of the project.

Maintenance effect

Analyze and evaluate various effects (such as congestion cancellation, accident reduction, impact on regional economy, etc.) due to actual business conditions and propose materials that are easy to understand for the general public.

Plan for Public transportation / pedestrians / bicycle planning
We will formulate a convenient, safe, comfortable and sustainable public transportation and pedestrian / bicycle plan, taking into consideration the regional characteristics, the direction of town development and residents' needs.

Public transportation network

To protect everyday life in areas where super aging and depopulation are progressing, we propose a public transportation plan that is easier to use and guarantees sustainability by using familiar transportation means such as buses.

Bicycle utilization comprehensive plan

Propose a comprehensive plan to promote proper use of bicycles and create safe and comfortable bicycle use environment.