Urban Facility Design

Urban Facility Design

We provide comprehensive technical services that can be adapted to satisfy diverse needs and complex construction requirements.

Structure Designs/Renewal Plans
We provide comprehensive technical services related to structures that satisfy diverse needs and complex construction requirements, and regulating reservoirs that take the surrounding environment into account, both of which are common in urban spaces. These services include planning, surveying, design, and integration support for the structures.



We provide underpass related designs for railway crossings and road intersections.



We provide designs for depressed highway structures.


Underground Parking Lots

We provide designs for underground parking lots that effectively utilize underground spaces.


Regulating Reservoirs

We planned and provided detailed designs for a biotope regulating reservoir that took into account the habitat of the endangered northern goshawk.


Underground Pump Room

This was installed on park grounds, so we provided an architectural design that took the landscape into account. The drainage pump was chosen based on inflow, as well as economic and operation and maintenance constraints.


Culvert Renewal Design

We provided a renewal design for a public sewerage/rainwater culvert that ensured both a long operating life and earthquake resistance. We adopted a renovation method that made trenchless construction possible.


Tokyo-Gaikan Expressway (Chiba Outer Ring)

Depressed structure


Metropolitan Inter‐City Expressway (Saitama Section)

Culvert structure


Route 2 of the Nagoya Ring Route

Depressed structure


Metropolitan Expressway Shinjuku Line

Shield tunnel


Mamada Underpass (Railroad Crossing)

Trenchless culvert/retaining wall


Shimizushita Tunnel (Highway Crossing)

Excavated culvert/retaining wall

Utilities/Sewerage Systems
Sewerage systems are essential facilities that contribute to healthy hydrologic cycle maintenance and public sanitation. Furthermore, by utilizing common utility tunnels, we are able to design facilities without any need for utility poles, thus allowing for warm, comfortable landscapes. We provide planning, surveying, design, and integration support for these structures.


Sewage Pipe Excavation Method and Jacking Method (Sewage, Rain Water)

We provide a superior, comprehensive pipe installation method for public sewerage systems (sewage, rain water), which takes into consideration economic, construction, and operation and maintenance constraints.


Sewage Pipe Shield Method (Sewage, Rain Water)

For large-scale sewage pipes that flow into sewage treatment plants, we surveyed routes and construction methods, before adopting the shield method (earth pressure method).


Sewage Relay Pumping Station

We provide industrial and exterior designs that take the surrounding environment and landscape into consideration.


Storm Water Pump Station

In an area that experienced outflow increases due to urban development, we designed a storm water pump station as an internal drainage countermeasure. We adopted a gas turbine for the total displacement.


Advanced Wastewater Treatment Conversion at a Sewage Treatment Plant

As a means of improving water quality, we introduced a flocculant adding step flowing-in type multistage nitrification denitrification method. We also provided plans for public works improvements, machinery, and electrical equipment.


Sumida-ku Common Utility Tunnel (Dewiring Project)

We designed a common utility tunnel in order to remove the need for utility poles in the area around the Tokyo Skytree, as part of a local development project.


Isuzu River Pump Station

Shed, Works framework


Isuzu River Pump Station

Mechanoelectrical equipment


Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility


Flood Control Measures Improvement Plan

Anti-Earthquake Designs/Disaster Restoration Works
In recent years, sudden rain storms and large-scale typhoons have become regular occurrences due to abnormal weather patterns and the effects of urbanization, leading to an increasing trend of public facilities suffering flood damage. We provide disaster restoration plans to public facilities that have suffered damage, as well as anti-earthquake analyses in preparation of major earthquakes and long operating life plans for facilities. We make every effort to provide safety measures for urban facilities.


Drainage Pump Station Disaster Restoration Plan and Expansion Design

After the Kanto and Tohoku regions were hit with torrential rains in 2015, we provided temporary and permanent disaster restoration plans and designs for damaged drainage pump stations.


Underpass Electric Room Aboveground Relocation Plan

Due to becoming submerged from sudden torrential rains, we implemented a plan to relocate an underpass electric room above ground as an emergency restoration measure.


Underpass Electric Room Disaster Restoration Plan

After the Kanto and Tohoku regions were hit with torrential rains in 2015, we provided temporary and permanent disaster restoration plans and designs for damaged and submerged underpass electrical equipment.


Force Main Anti-Earthquake Design

As part of an earthquake countermeasure project, we took the force main of a regional sewerage system’s relay pumping station, split it into two parts and made it earthquake resistant. We also analyzed reinforcement measures for a highway cross section.


Sewage treatment plant earthquake-proof design

As part of the earthquake countermeasure project, seismic diagnosis and seismic reinforcement measures for the first sedimentation pond, reaction facility, final settling pond and sand filtration building of the basin sewage system.