Basic capital policy

We will advance our business while balancing the following three items, aiming to continuously improve corporate value.

“Securing financial soundness”

We will strive to enhance our capital base to strengthen our management foundation. As a target for the immediate future, we aim for a capital ratio of 50% or more.

“Strategic investment for sustainable growth”

We will make efforts to increase the efficiency of capital by utilizing internal retained funds for aggressive R&D investment in fields leading to future growth, capital investment for new business development, and expansion of business through M&A. As a target for the immediate future, we aim to become a company capable of stably achieving return on equity (ROE) of 6 to 8% or more.

“Enrichment of shareholder returns”

We will strive to maintain stable dividends to shareholders. We will target a dividend payout ratio of 30% or more for the immediate future. We will also consider acquiring our own shares as necessary.