Medium- to long-term business plan

Continual Enhancement of Corporate Value

For our 12th Medium-Term Business Plan (June 2020 to June 2022), we will work on ESG management together with all of our stakeholders, including our employees, to evolve into a company that will build a sustainable future. To do so, we have adopted a vision of our ideal selves 3 years in the future based on our management policy focused on “employees” “work” and “society,” and established fundamental strategies to achieve that vision. In the final year of the plan, the year ending June 2022, we plan to generate consolidated net sales of 17.5 billion yen and operating income of 1.1 billion yen. To reach these targets, we are working toward continually improving our corporate value by proactively assuring quality, expanding business realms and fostering human resources.

management policy

medium-term management plan


What we strive to be

A growing company

We strive to become a trusted company by responding to the ever changing needs of society and achieving growth with flexibility and creativity

A competitive company

We strive to become a company that continually provides quality services integral to society as a professional and holistic engineering consultancy group

An attractive company

We strive to become a company in which all of our employees feel pride in their work and feel themselves improving

Basic numerical targets

(Unit: million of yen)

Basic numerical targets

Our visions

Fundamental Strategies

Technological advancement

Accelerating R&D investments
〇 Strengthen key businesses and accelerate R&D investments to expand business domains
Expanding businesses
〇 Expand businesses in the energy and management realms
Promoting globalization
〇 Develop and strengthen the organization to expand businesses internationally focused on long-span bridge technologies

Gaining trust

Enforcing corporate governance and compliance
〇 Reinforce the organization and structure that promote management speediness, transparency and fairness
Strengthening financial structure
〇 Continually improve the financial structure and promote effective use of assets

Receiving more orders

Strengthening proposal-making capabilities
〇 Raise the shares of the company’s key business fields in existing markets
Improving marketing
〇 Maximize opportunities to gain customers by honing information analysis capabilities to preemptively take action according to customer demands and changes in the market environment
〇 Promote business developments by strengthening marketing focused on resolving social issues

Strengthening quality

Establishing a Quality Philosophy
〇 Develop a Quality Philosophy and Code of Conduct that contribute toward enhancing corporate value, and establish an NE brand that is creative and possesses “superior quality”
Improving production processes
〇 Establish production processes that achieve zero errors and superior quality
〇 Improve quality across the team by fostering and strengthening subsidiaries and partner companies

Strengthening profitability

Improving productivity
〇 Continue reforms in “working styles” and “organizational structures” to enhance productivity
〇 Improve productivity through effectively collaborating with group companies
Streamline business processes
〇 Improve operational support systems and enhance work efficiency through utilizing ICT technology
〇 Enhance internal productivity through continuing working style reform efforts

Achievement of diverse working styles

Providing work-life balance
〇 Provide an ideal work-life balance to employees by shortening regular working hours
Promoting of diversity systems
〇 Improve and update systems on the empowerment of female employees, childcare and nursing care support, promotion of employing persons with disabilities and other causes

Improving employee satisfaction

Boosting motivation
〇 Provide opportunities for employees willing to work on social issues and accelerate investments
Strengthening education programs
〇 Improve professional education for young employees, recurrent education for mid-career employees and education to inspire innovation
Offering diverse career paths
〇 Develop a welcoming working environment for professionals of diverse backgrounds