Stock information

Stock price information

Current stock price information, past stock price information, charts can be confirmed from Yahoo! Finance.


Shareholder note

Fiscal year
From July 1 to June 30
Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
September every year
Reference date
Standard Shareholders’ Meeting every June 30
Year-end dividend June 30 every year
Unit share system of 100 shares as one unit
Method of public announcement
Made by electronic public notice.
Public Notice URL
However, if electronic public notice cannot be made due to unavoidable reasons, the information will be posted in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.
Listed stock exchanges
Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section
Securities identification code 9797
Administrator of Shareholders’ List
Same contact
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation 10-11 Higashisuna 7-chome, Koto, Tokyo, 137-8081
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation Securities Agency Department
Telephone 0120-232-711 (Toll free)


Requests for procedures related to stocks are available 24 hours on the following Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking telephone and the Internet.

Telephone (toll free): 0120-244-479


For shareholders who use the stock custody and transfer system, please contact a securities company with a trading account.

Contact Us

Corporate Planning Office, Corporate Planning Division
Telephone: 03-5298-2051 / E-mail:


Shareholder benefits

We appreciate the daily support of our shareholders and have introduced a shareholder benefit plan to increase the appeal of investing in our stocks and to encourage shareholders to hold more of our company’s shares for a longer period of time.