In order to bring a smile to communities, we are working to deepen our "management" according to social demands.

Area management
The necessity of area management is spreading all over Japan in response to society's demands such as regional revitalization and development. In addition to improving the asset value of communities, there are various initiatives such as collaboration of business operators who intend to reproduce existing urban areas. We are working to deepen problem-solving-based "area management" through community building working closely with regions.


Research into future cities

Various survey studies and index development for the formation of new city visions (health, shareable, QOL etc.) and response to social problems (climate change, disasters, waste, etc.)


Community building support activities

Formulation of projects related to community building, redevelopment, effective utilization of idle land, comprehensive management plans for infrastructure, regional problem-solving type-based community development projects, etc.


Community development management projects

Management plans for public facilities, etc., infrastructure management business, area management business, energy management business, etc.


Tactical community building development support

Development of systems and structures for tactical community building at the district level such as sustainable cities and creative towns, and planning and implementation support for public relations and social experiments, etc.

Business Promotion PPP
As a method for achieving sustainable growth in Japan under the severe fiscal circumstances, attention is being paid to methods (PPP / PFI projects) that utilize the wisdom, know-how and funds of private companies. We will utilize the technology and knowledge that we have gained through our experience in management work to support the stable realization of projects at each stage of public services, including project proposals, planning, design and construction, maintenance and management.


Sanriku coastal road project supervision business

Implement of business in an integrated position with the ordering party for business supervision, research design management, and related agency consultation for the purpose of early construction work

Construction management
The CM method of managing the execution of public works as a substitute agent for the construction management ordering party is adopted in public works in Japan. Aiming at an environment where citizens can live safely and safely, we are involved in integrated construction management covering investigations, surveying, designing and construction.


Taro District, Miyako City
Earthquake Reconstruction Project

We formed a consortium with the general contractor and conducted construction management aiming at residential land development and urban area reconstruction