Urban & Regional Planning

We strive to comprehensively coordinate strategic, dynamic community and regional development efforts that are based on local characteristics, are committed to consensus building with local residents, and provide comfortable living environments that are adaptable to the needs of future generations.

We create a variety of plans
We create a variety of plans, starting with basic urban planning surveys and urban structure analyses, which help us to grasp the master plan of a particular city, wide-area regional and comprehensive plans, which are the basis of community development, and a number of others, such as urban planning master plans, location normalization plans, local disaster prevention plans, and landscape plans. We design plans in cooperation with local communities, while seeking out the opinions of local residents, and determining the potential needs of future generations.


Wide-Area Plans

Land development plans, Wide-area regional plans,
Comprehensive plans, Present state analyses, Project monitoring indices for projects based on visions for the future


Basic Urban Planning Surveys

Population, Industry,
Land use, Current building conditions,
Urban facilities, etc.


City Planning Areas
Master Plans

city planning areas, areas zoned for urbanization,
future objectives, land utilization plans,
urban facilities, official documents


City master plans

City planning areas, areas zoned for urbanization,
Future objectives, Land utilization zoning
Urban facilities layout plans, Public participation


Housing Master Plans
(Settlement Promotion Plans)

Future population/household demand estimates
Resident opinion surveys, Population housing plans
Land utilization plans, Business plans

Community Development
In order to solve the various problems that areas face, we coordinate all of our departments to support all kinds of community development, whether it be regional revitalization, urban regeneration, or post-disaster recovery. We deal with a wide variety of fields, such as central city revitalization, tourism promotion planning, strategic community development planning, urban reconstruction planning, hazard mapping, and evacuation planning.


Fishing Community Master Plans

Future improvement plans
Regional cooperation


Regional Revitalization

Development policies
Public participation/workshops
Networks, Cityscape development


Community Involvement Generation

Development, Activity policies
Public participation/workshops
Events, Pilot programs


Transportation Hubs

Station plazas
Essential facilities, Circulation planning


Landmark Roads

Landmark landscapes
Urban planning



Roadside Stations
Circulation planning, Parking lot planning
Installed facilities analyses


Restored Community Development

Circulation planning
Community development planning


Disaster Prevention/Reduction

regional disaster prevention planning, Evacuation route/facilities planning
Disaster prevention green space planning
Public participation/workshops


Disaster Recovery

Suitability surveys, Industrialization planning
Mass relocation for disaster prevention, Functional enhancement of fishing communities for disaster prevention
Housing layout planning, land formation planning


Community Development Utilizing Cultural Resources

Ancient road conservation/restoration, Roadside scenery, Practical usages,
Public participation, Study groups, Community development activities


Community Development Utilizing Scenery

Regional resources, Views, Excursions, Zoning,
Plantation, Nature-contact points, Community development

Urban Development/Creation
We carry out basic surveys, feasibility surveys, master planning, preliminary designs, and detailed designs for everything from new housing developments, to residential, industrial, and distribution complexes. Moreover, we coordinate all of our departments to carry out surveys, planning, and designs for station area development, disaster restoration housing, and land readjustment projects for urban regeneration purposes.


Housing/Industrial Complex Creation

Alternate damn sites
Residential/Industrial land development
Housing layout planning


Graded land reclamation

Disaster prevention
Open space planning
Slope planting

Greenery not only adds moisture to urban spaces, but also adds features such as community space, disaster prevention, and the ability to coexist with nature. We carry out surveys, planning, and designs for everything from small to large sized urban parks, to disaster prevention parks, green tracts of land, roadside trees, station plazas, roadside stations, and sports facilities. Moreover, we also provide usage surveys, workshop assistance, landscape design studies, and facilities management studies.


General Parks

Future development plans
Regional coordination



Soccer fields
Planting planning
Maintenance planning


Riverside Parks

Water play areas
Playground equipment


Lakeside Parks

Water play areas
Water fountains
Playground equipment


Agricultural Parks

Meeting places
Playground equipment
Flower gardens


Athletic Parks

Multipurpose spaces
Rest areas

Public Facilities Operation and Maintenance
In recent years, the renovation and maintenance of public facilities, stock utilization, relocation planning, and the utilization of private-sector vitality, have all become major themes, even in the construction industry. We mainly provide inspection surveys of public buildings, urban parks, and public housing, as well as long-operation life planning, comprehensive public works planning, facility management, etc.


Long-Operation Life Planning

Facilities inspections
Long-operation life planning (public housing/parks)
Life cycle costs


Comprehensive Public Works Planning